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Education is paramount when you're the employee, employer, and founder all at once. This is why we've built workshops to help you better understand your digital marketing strategy.


How to Build an Amazing Social Media Strategy

Before you start posting anything, you need to know who your audience is, what keywords attract them, and especially, how to entice them. We'll show you all this and more when building a strategy!



How to Become an Instagram Influencer

You've been following influencers for years and now you're wondering how you can do the same. This is the year you learn how to find brands to sponsor you, draw that positive attention, and build community,



Make LinkedIn Work for Your Business

Nothing has surpassed LInkedIn as a business-focused social media channel, but how do you truly take advantage of it so that you and your business can thrive from the contacts, potential, and influence? We'll teach you this and more!



Become an Amazing Social Media Community Manager

Community Management is much more than replying to posts, it's about being on top of trends, events, and understanding your community, and above all, it's about organization like you've never seen. Let's get you started!



How to use Facebook Ads and so Much More!

We all know how well Facebook can target just about any demographic, but how to fine tune the controls, truly use their features, and feel comfortable doing it is a piece of the marketing puzzle we'll be solving in this course.



How to Make Pinterest Work for your Business

Pinterest is more than just a collection board, it's a driving force for visual businesses looking to drive traffic like never before. We'll introduce you to this $19bn social media channel like you've never seen!