How can I adapt my service to include social-distancing?

How can I adapt my service to include social-distancing? This is going to be the question that dominates conversations sooner than later.

Here are a couple of steps to help you address this new barrier:

  1. Acknowledging that your clients have a new barrier to your service, understand what that is, accept it. ie. Clients no longer want to meet in person.
  2. How can your service adapt in the simplest, non-intrusive way? ie. Acknowledging your client’s concerns
  3. Send out messaging that acknowledges the barrier and how you’re overcoming it. ie. Email, Social Media, Phone Calls.

You’ll notice that I keep using the word ‘acknowledge’, that’s because you want to use the same language as your audience/ client is hearing and using themselves.

Here’s an example of what DoorDash just sent out as an email. It’s the perfect example of understanding your client’s barriers and providing a simple, non-intrusive solution.

About Dario

Dario Joseph Verrelli is the founder of Octopus & Son Social Media Inc. and has been focusing on engagement for the past 6 years. He also cofounded Work Nicer Coworking, the largest Coworking space in Alberta and is the founder of Socialveil, a visual social media scheduling platform.