Janus Associates Offices

Janus Associates Offices

Janus Associates has taken its name from Roman mythology; Janus, representing change, transitions and new beginnings. Established in Calgary in 1976, Janus Associates is a group of registered psychologists and registered social workers, who together provide a broad range of counselling and consulting services to individuals and companies. Janus Associates has built a solid reputation within the medical community and continues to respond to physician referrals concerning a wide range of psychological issues. Janus Associates is intimately familiar with workplace issues effecting employees, supervisors and management. We currently provide Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP) and Preferred Provider Services (PPS) to a growing number of companies, ranging in size from 20 to 3000 employees. All of Janus Associates’ counsellors are formally trained, clinically experienced and professionally licensed, ensuring quality service backed by a governing body and a professional code of practice ethics.

825, 906 12th Ave, SW Calgary, Alberta

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