For those of us who subscribe to their Calgary’s subreddit r/calgary during COVID, we have been greeted daily by a map showing us where in the city active cases of COVID19 are occurring. This has helped countless people understand the situation, reduce their stress, and feel more at ease in our new normal.

For months one specific user (u/MsMattJeevas) added this map, Monday to Friday without fail (Another user, u/YYCMap, supported the endeavour as well due to the heavy time commitment). After months of benefiting from their work, we wanted to give back and bring to the table our experience in design and data organization. With their support, the result was a map that showcased not only daily active cases, but the 1, 7, and 14-day changes to allow people more insight into how communities and the city faired in our battle with COVID.


Every day at 3;30pm MST provides the Province of Alberta with updates on COVID cases. This is the source data to our map and below is how we organize it to better understand the 1, 7, and 14-day changes that make our map unique.

It takes us 30 minutes to input and confirm the data on our end, and is done by two of us to reduce error.


Clarity was the primary focus of this map. It needed to be easily understood by everyone who viewed it at-a-glance. Second focus was to give users a greater idea of the trends in active cases, this way we could all see how long-weekends, holidays, and events might have affected areas over time.


Since the source data is released at 3:30pm MST from Monday to Friday (with no updates on the weekend), we wanted to be timely in our release, therefore we’ve built our process to take less than 30min. From here we post directly to Reddit’s r/calgary with the headline showing Alberta Totals for the day (a holdover from when u/MsMattJeevas posted — clever!)


As this is a community-centric project, we have taken and implemented feedback from users in the subreddit. We especially take seriously anyone who may have a hard time understanding the map and actively engage with comments.

Feel free to join us on r/calgary to see this community-centric map come to life.


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