It is Time for Your Marketing Strategy to Steer Away From the COVID Narrative!

Written by Dario Hudon-Verrelli
Written by Dario Hudon-Verrelli
Written by Dario Hudon-Verrelli

Digital Marketing Strategist | Marketing Lecturer at Mount Royal University | Co-Founder of Work Nicer Coworking

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Before you choose to employ a marketing strategy, it is integral to understand and determine your marketing objectives. You must ask yourself what you need out of a marketing strategy. Some businesses have objectives that revolve around sales, while others revolve around interactions with customers. No option is better than the other, however, it is imperative that it is determined before you build a marketing strategy.

We wanted to take a moment to discuss intention, goals, and story as it will help you better develop your personal marketing objectives.


The COVID-19 pandemic is turning a corner, meaning that it should no longer be at the forefront of your marketing. As we all begin to push it behind us, it is key to consider what the intention behind a marketing strategy is, and employ a strategy that follows the intentions and goals.

You must understand that marketing with intention is far more successful than without. This starts with identifying the needs and wants of the customers, and catering a strategy that is directed towards them.

By knowing the behavior and desires of the audience, you can develop an intention behind your marketing strategy, leading to greater success.

What is Your Goal in the New Normal?

Goals have the ability to define an endpoint. Your objectives and intentions revolve around the goals outlined, which make them of the utmost importance.

When developing goals for your marketing strategy, you must ensure that they are SMART. 

Firstly, your goals need to be specific. They need to state what you will do and it needs to be understood by everyone. For example, double followers on Instagram.

Once you have defined the specifics, you need to ensure that it is measurable. By having a way to evaluate the goal, you can ensure that you are making appropriate progress.

By ensuring that is is measurable, you can evaluate if is is achievable. This means it is within the confines of your scope, and has the potential to be accomplished.

Regardless of your goal, you need to ensure that it is relevant. Does it make sense and will it improve the business in some capacity? If not, it is time to reevaluate your smart goal.

Lastly, your goal needs to be bound to time. This will ensure you can hold yourself accountable, and ensure that the appropriate actions are being taken. Be specific with a timeframe and clearly state when you expect to complete the goal.

Your marketing goal is integral in the development of the strategy. Be sure to consider all the options, and ensure that the goal makes sense for the business and industry you are in.

How are you telling Your Story?

No one will know your story as well as you. This is why you need to integrate a story into your marketing. This will create likability and relatability. It is a strategic marketing approach that can create a brand experience that is immersive. This is what will create profitable engagements.

Your audience is your customer, and this is why you must tell a story. Brand loyalty can be developed when the audience feels a part of the story, which will help generate sales and leads.

Octopus & Son makes sure that your objectives are clearly determined before the marketing strategy goes live. By ensuring that your intentions, goals, and story is clearly communicated, you will have an increased ability to reach your target audience.

If you have questions about Octopus & Son, please reach out. We are here to make marketing easy and thoughtful, so allow us to help.

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