Why Brand Awareness is Your Greatest KPI This Quarter

Written by Dario Hudon-Verrelli
Picture of Written by Dario Hudon-Verrelli
Written by Dario Hudon-Verrelli

Digital Marketing Strategist | Marketing Lecturer at Mount Royal University | Co-Founder of Work Nicer Coworking

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Q3 is approaching fast, which means it is time to take action. Summer 2021 was all about moving beyond the pandemic which meant marketing was cast to the side. Now is the time to prioritize your marketing to ensure long term success and growth.

When seeing if you are prepared for Q3, it is integral to look at your brand awareness. Awareness will help generate leads, sales, and engagements. Additionally, it will help you build your reputation. By utilizing a strong marketing strategy, you can successfully build your brand awareness.

Let’s dive into the details of brand awareness.

Brand Awareness

We have all heard someone refer to themselves as an ‘Apple Person” or a “Costco Person.” When we hear this, we immediately understand what they mean because of brand awareness. We know what it means to be an Apple person or a Costco person because of the brand awareness that has been built by Apple and Costco.

Brand Awareness is more than knowing the name of a company, but knowing what it means to be a supporter. Brand awareness is to embed a brand into a consumer lifestyle while fostering loyalty and understanding. It represents how familiar a target audience is with your brand, and their ability to recognize it. Generally speaking, brands with high brand awareness are trdenfign, popular, or filled with buzz. 

Brand awareness is especially important in the early stages of a business and continues to be important as the business grows and develops.

Key Metrics

By saying brand awareness has key metrics is slightly misleading. At the end of the day, business awareness cannot be measured due to its subjective nature. There are no qualitative measures that can directly measure brand awareness. WIth that said there are some qualitative metrics you can analyze to estimate your brand awareness.

  • Direct Traffic: This is the number of people that have intentionally visited your website via the URL.
  • Social Engagement: This is the number of likes, shars, followers, and more that your business has.
  • Site Traffic Numbers: This is the total number of people that have been on your website, regardless of origin.

While none of these numbers can directly state your brand awareness, you can extrapolate to estimate the awareness of your brand.


Brand awareness can be developed and grow through consistency. By ensuring that you are spreading a uniform message, you can ensure that the audience knows the brand before the advertisement is finished. 

Consistency and uniformity is imperative for the success of your marketing and general brand awareness. By choosing objectives and goals, you can ensure all marketing efforts cater to the development of reputation and awareness.

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