Why Copywriting is important for your Brand

When you’re a big business, you have the luxury of a marketing department. When you’re a medium sized business, you can hire a few marketing and social media professionals. However, when you’re a small business, it might be just you. Owning a small to medium business has a lot of benefits, but it also has some drawbacks. There isn’t the luxury of having people to handle media, engagement on social media or schedule content. 

Not everyone is a gifted wordsmith nor do they have the time needed to properly craft, edit and deliver readable content. That’s where a copywriter comes in, these wonderful little elves work behind the scenes to provide you with content that reaches your clients and gives you the ability to share your leadership. 

What is Copywriting? 

So what exactly does copywriting consist of? Copywriting is essentially writing marketing or promo material. Copywriters also work on creating new written content for websites, scripts for video shoots, etc. It’s not a glamorous job but it’s a necessary job. Copywriters are here to help personalize your brand. You see copywriting everyday from flyers for restaurants, clothing stores, even dental and medical offices. 

It’s also important to see copywriters as researchers that have a unique insight to customer needs, the behind-the-scenes if you will. Seeing as they understand the customer base, they bring a wealth of knowledge when it comes to crafting content that attaches to not only interests but emotions. 

To really boil it down, copywriting is the process of creating messaging across digital and physical mediums. 

Why it’s important for your business 

Every copywriter has a different specialty which means there is no harm in asking for a sample of their work while shopping for the right one. As researchers, they will understand your target audience but doubly so if they understand the industry. 

So whether you’re running a company with 10 or 100 employees, everyone tends to wear a couple of hats, but you don’t need to wear all of them. Copywriters are here to help take the burden of crafting content away from your already busy schedule. Don’t be afraid to make the investment, what you do now sets you up for success later. Take the time to figure out what you want your business to be and how a copywriter can help you!