What is and how do you use Ephemeral Content?

What is Ephemeral Content?

Ephemeral content is content that is only available for a period of time, say 24-48 hours. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have the option to make “stories”. These stories only last for about 24 hours, which makes them ephemeral. 

Brands use Instagram and Snapchat stories to promote products, services, advertise the brand, shoutout loyal customers or brands that work with them. The possibilities with this type of content are endless.  

Now, not every business is onboard with using this type of content because it can be a bit confusing at first. What should be put onto stories? What shouldn’t be? The best thing to do is not to overthink it. 

How does it benefit your business?

Now that we’ve covered the basic concept of ephemeral content, the next question is how does it benefit you and your business?

This type of content allows you to tell short burst of supportive stories, like adding more information about a regular post you’ve put out, all without inundating the social media feeds of your followers. As an example, you’ve put out a post about having a sale at your store, now you can create a few stories that show what’s on sale, that you’re excited for the sale itself, and any other additions you might want to say.

It add a personality to your original post.

Followers also have the choice to watch your ephemeral content, whereas with regular posts, your content is placed in their feed.

Secondly, platforms like Instagram and Snapchat give you more creative control, such as different filters, voice changers to make them more visually appealing.

It also gives your audience the opportunity to really get to know you, your team and your brand. With “raw” content like this, it gives your audience the ability to relate. Social media can be quite robotic at times, ephemeral content utilizes human connection to better interact with your customers, clients, vendors, etc.

How do you use it?

When it comes to actually putting this into use, it’s best to have a plan. Look at your customers, what do they like and not like? Don’t forget that you’re showing them a behind-the-scenes of yourself, but how you present it is what will make them keep watching.

A little excitement, happiness, pep in your step if the mood calls for it. Be fun, goofy, honest, real and vulnerable. You’re the star, bask in it!

Get a good handle on how to use the features on these platforms before diving in. Once you’ve got a good handle on it, don’t be afraid to utilize the features. Use things like geo-filters, get your own filters on Snapchat (which you can do, you just have to pay for it and it only lasts for about a day).

Be aware that not all your followers can keep up with social media during the day, they’ll catch up on your story when they have time so, make sure it’s cohesive. The last thing you want is for followers to be confused as to what is being advertised. 

Now, we’ve given you to who what and how, now it’s your turn to run with it. Instagram and Snapchat aren’t limited to customer facing industries. Whatever business you have, you can benefit and should absolutely take advantage of ephemeral content. Create the content you want, play around with stories because at the end of the day, it’s gone in a flash.