Science: There Are 3 Different Types of Selfie Takers

You thought there was only one, didn’t you? Once again, SCIENCE has proved us all wrong.

Researchers at Brigham Young University published a study in Visual Communication Quarterly titled, The Selfie Study: Archetypes and Motivations in Modern Self-Photography, which looked at the selfies people were taking and why they were taking them.

The study outlined three distinct types of people. Here they are!


Communicators use their selfies to interacts with their followers, they encourage discussion and, get this, actually converse in the comments by encouraging others to share their thoughts.


Autobiographers use Instagram as a catalogue of their lives and post selfies as a way to share their experiences with their others – regardless of what they think. They don’t require feedback in the way communicators do, or only share the polished, perfected, edited selfies like self-promoters do. Basically, they’re sharing the posts for them, and don’t really care what their followers think.


Self-Publicists use selfies to share a positive, specific outlook of their everyday life. Generally posting frequently, and in doing so, hope to present themselves and their stories in a positive light.

So the question now becomes… which one are you?