FrancoSud came to us with a familiar issue. How could they organize their online assets, specifically, the Facebook Pages they had for their 14 schools so that their communications officer could manage them properly?


Each Facebook page needed its own Ad Account, Facebook Pixel, and Domain Verification which meant that collecting all the data and presenting it in a way that demystified the confusion was our first priority. We did this visually and used a familiar colour scheme to associate confirmation, in need of action , and error.


Our second objective was to organize the assets under Facebook’s Business Manager. Using the accounts already created and in place by the client, we utilized a main Facebook Business Manager account as the parent and associated each school (and subsequent assets) as children under it.

This gave the client full access to each school’s Facebook page and allowed them to provide access to each page, ad account, or pixel separately, removing the often times messy issue of having multiple users in control of online assets over time. Now the communications officer could review who had access to what and align them with their current standards.



The FrancoSud School Board has fourteen French-language schools, 10 public and 4 Catholic, all located in southern Alberta.


  • Organization of 14 separate Facebook Pages
  • Security amongst all Facebook Assets
  • Single point of reference for communications officer


  • Facebook
  • Facebook Business Manager
  • Organization

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