Enhance What You Have

Leveraging your employees as an in-house social media team is a great way to showcase the corporate culture you’ve work so hard at creating. We train them to understand not just the fundamentals but provide them with the tools they need to keep growing.



We’ve created a structured process to help companies leverage their employees and the brand culture they possess.

Through one-on-one or group training, our curriculum (for lack of a better word), is complete in that it covers an extensive understanding of social marketing, including many ‘what ifs’.



Not only do we teach you to build effective campaigns, but we build the confidence needed to respond with a voice that is both brand-specific and authentic.

Much like real-world networking, having such a skill set provides a natural ability towards sales.

who doesn’t want a confident sales person?



We intend on being a resource to you and your team, therefore, we provide continued support that augments their new knowledge so that they feel confident in their new roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need to train my employees?

We can provide either a one-day (6hr) or one-week (30hrs) breakdown depending on your needs and timeframe.

We intend to match your needs first and foremost, which depends on how your goals and expectations, as well as the time you will be allocating to social marketing per day.

Do you train teams as well as individuals?

Yes, we do consult for both individual and team.

If you will be dedicating a team (2+) to social marketing, we focus on a classroom hands-on approach with the intention on providing an extremely focused understanding of the Who, What, Where, When Why & How of social media.

We can provide the space for this at our beltline location, or you office, whichever is more convenient to you. Generally, a little of both works well.

What will my employees learn?

Social marketing is an ongoing learning process, however, we intend to provide your employees with a very strong understanding of what they’ll need and how to build it.

From building client personas that help you understand where and how your clients want to be engaged, creating goal-oriented campaigns and visualizing them through editorial calendars, to fully comprehending social advertising like Facebook, our role is to educate your team to see your company’s eco-system from a place that gives them full control.

Do you provide ongoing training?

We will not leave you in the dark, this we can assure.

We intend on being a continuous resource for your team to touch base with, be it questions or concerns that they have.

Can you provide a Crisis Communication plan for social media?


Without adequate internal and external communications, operational response does and will break down. This can leave your brand being perceived in the wrong light during a crisis.

Since response time and sensitivity to external & internal needs are paramount, we train your team in a proactive manner that provides proper communication to the right leadership, and control of your brand’s message when stress is at its highest.