How to Honestly Market Your Values? (and avoid the wrong kind of attention)

Everyone has values that they like to support, and by proxy, they are more inclined to support businesses that have the same values as themselves. In recent years, some of the most prominent values have been related to Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ Rights, and Environmental Rights.

As a business, you have the opportunity to display your values honesty in your marketing. Not only does it allow you to display your support, it also allows you to build personal connections and show selfless tendencies.

There are many things to consider when integrating your values into your marketing strategy, so let’s take a moment to learn more.

Support vs Action

Support and action are two different things, and it is imperative that you distinguish this prior to the deployment of a marketing strategy. Showing support does not demand action, but it is preferred.

When you choose to support a value, you must be consistent. In recent years, many companies have been caught showing support, but then investing in companies that act against their values. This is why it is integral to show support in all capacities, and that means partnering with companies and individuals that have the same values.

When you show support, you are being transparent and vulnerable with your values. It allows you to attract certain audience members, and enables you to stand for the greater good. Regardless what value you choose to support, be sure to integrate it in your marketing and be clear with your intention and support.

The Marketing Ploy

We all know what a marketing ploy is. It is a strategy that encourages purchasing and engagement. There is a fine line between success and failure when businesses attempt to combine value-based marketing with a marketing ploy.

Businesses can be quick to jump onto a social cause and attempt value-based campaigns. However, the initial momentum usually peters off, leaving empty promises and unfulfilled passion. Other times, businesses associate themselves with a social change for the ‘clout’ and support. This is why on June 1st, every business suddenly has a pride rainbow integrated into their logo. While this seems great, it forces us to ask how they support the cause the other 11 months of the year. Pride month isn’t the only time this is seen, but it is the most widely known instance. It fools consumers to think that the business supports LGBTQ+ rights actively, while in reality, the rainbow is only for marketing and awareness.

This is why it is important to integrate your values into your marketing year round. Instead of using your values as a marketing ploy, use them to create brand awareness and a greater reputation.

Words vs Action

Actions will always speak louder than words. While you can say your support for a value or cause, it is important that you back this with actions. Not only do your actions show commitment, they build trust with your audience. It displays your honesty and reliability, and thus creates loyalty.

Differentiation is hard to come by in marketing. Often, the same words are used, and the message is uniform across all businesses. Actions help you differentiate yourself from others, and allow you to be better than your competitors.

Your actions are more important than your words. It allows you to find success in value-based marketing, and streets you clear of using social causes as a marketing ploy.

At Octopus & Son, we believe in honest and transparent marketing. We recommend you steer clear of marketing ploys, and show your audience your core values. By doing so, you can foster relations founded in trust.

Marketing your values can be a great asset, and when utilized correctly, can create loyalty. Reach out to us if you want to learn more about how to integrate your values in your marketing strategy.