Speaking Engagements


We pride ourselves on focusing our presentations and their analogies towards the industry we are speaking to, thus creating the types of discussion that can foster interest for any business.


Social media is at the heart of our current society, from world events, politics and sport to everything in between, it has added value, removed all doubt and given us more questions than answers.

This is why the topic of social media is an interesting one, as it pertains to nearly everything in one way or another, whether that tie in is sociology, business or technology.



It’s fitting that our industry is communication because we sure do love to talk.

We are seasoned public speakers with a focus on keeping our audience engaged and providing everyone with useful information.

Don’t expect a dry talk on how powerful Facebook is for your business, as we integrate tech, sociology, marketing and a healthy dose of humour.



The world of social media marketing isn’t short on experts that’s for sure, however, it is short on actionable information that describes the why and not just the how when it comes to the latest Top 10 list.

Our role is to be informative in such a way as to give our audience a perspective that garners questions and creates discussion.

Brands we've had the pleasure of speaking to

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is an average speaking engagement?

Our speaking engagements run between 20-60 min, with our 60 min sessions including materials.

What subjects do you talk about?

With social media as the foundation to the discussion, we have a broad topic range to touch upon.

From tech startups, entrepreneurship, and specific social media channels, to sociology, online behavioral habits and social media’s influence as a whole. It’s not just about the pros and cons of social media, it’s a discussion that provides context.

Do you bring your own Audio/ Video?

We can indeed bring our own audio/ video equipment if need be, however, there is an extra cost (it’s quite reasonable).

We also don’t require A/V, as we can provide an engaging talk without it.

How much do you cost?

A simple question with a simple answer, however, we prefer to discuss the particulars so that we understand what you need and how we can be of service.

Contact us directly, either by phone or email:

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