LinkedIn FINALLY updates its inbox

It took awhile, and for many, we thought Linkedin had just given up on its inbox. The dated design, stale interface and clunky functions didn’t jive well with the power of Linkedin. Would they ever give it a face lift?

Well it happened, as if overnight and without much fanfare. The update is here and here’s what we see.


The first thing you notice is a design similar to that of a mobile device. Simple lines, contacts on the left side and conversations in the middle. In fact, you will even notice white space on the right side because.. well, they didn’t need to use it, and for that, we need to applaud LinkedIn. Don’t use space for the sake of using space.

Our conversation window is elegant with your discussion in grey and colleague in light blue, keeping true to LinkedIn’s branding. What we especially like, as it has become common place in every other email/ inbox model, is the clear image of the sender/ recipient and a 2 line preview of the conversation.

We’re happy they didn’t try to re-invent the inbox, but rather, on-boarded widely-accepted UI design. Again, applause to the LinkedIn Design Team for this.


Two drop down menus flank the top of the new inbox, one for the types of messages you wish to view, and one for quick & simple mail functions, such as marking unread mail, muting conversation, reporting spam etc.. nothing we aren’t use to.


We’re not too sure how we feel about this little addon. Emoticons & gifs in a professional setting. Many have struggle with how to add levity to a business conversation, do you use the smiley face, do you not?

We believe using the simplified emoticons like 🙂 🙁 etc.. is acceptable, however anything past that is Facebook territory. Call us old-fashioned, but we like our LinkedIn to be professional.


Not that there’s recourse if you don’t like the new redesign, however, what do you think? Excited? Indifferent? Terrified of the coffee emoticons taking over your discussions? Let us know.

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