How Instagram has turned professional photography into fine dining?

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As a young professional just exiting a post-secondary program focused on photography, the mere mention of  ‘Instagram’ conjures feelings of love and hate. Mobile photography is popular – to say the least.

Bridging the gap

We all know people with DSLR cameras if we don’t own one ourselves. In many amateur circumstances, many of the potentials of that expensive camera are lost. In this regards, Instagram is a bit of a hero. With high-quality cameras built right into our phones, people can shoot beautiful images and share them with the world at ease. Heck, they can even take not-so-great images, apply a filter to them, and still come up with something stunning.

Fitting in professional photography

So where does this leave the professionals? In a sea of photos, drowning in the dilution that has become our image-based society? The gap between Instagram and professional images was often discussed in photography class – but that gap is lost on all but those who are looking for it. I think for those questioning the use of professional photographers, one must look towards the end product that is anticipated for consumption.

Who is going to eat your photos?

Some people like to cook, and in their own homes might take a little extra time on a Sunday to put together a gorgeous meal with all of the fixings, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t enjoy going out for a nice meal from time to time. It is often the amateur cook that will appreciate a professional chef’s work that much more.

Photography can be viewed the same. It is safe to say that most people can take pictures, some better than others. But sometimes, when you want the job done in a specific way – or better yet, a way you have yet to even conceptualize – a professional certainly comes in handy.