How Meerkat & Co Have Changed The Game

It finally happened. Everything we were promised in the 90s about the internet and the future, how it would change the way we would communicate, how we see into the lives of others, engage and interact. It’s here. It’s now. However something was missing, one crucial piece that we didn’t connect with, one of our senses was missing.. sight.

Meerkat has finally allowed us to truly peek into the lives of our followers, to engage in real-time with the most crucial of senses. It truly feels that we have reached a tipping point in social media engagement, that we are beyond excited by the potential at hand.

Oh sure, Twitter went and severed its bond with Meerkat and purchasedPeriscope. Doesn’t matter. Meerkat is not going anywhere and this is why. Third- party development.

Third- party development is the lifeblood to any product, the adoption of time, effort and creativity into a service like Meerkat to provide extensions to its use, provides so much more than user adoption. It makes venture capitalists turn their head, the big players start wanting in and that’s when an event horizon occurs.

Right now we’re seeing the advent and naming of a unique product, and we’re not just talking about Meerkat, we’re talking about the invisible app.Ryan Hoover, founder of Product Hunt said it best when referring to#Katch,

Here’s another example of an invisible app — a product that doesn’t have its own interface, integrated within people’s existing workflow. Simply add the hashtag #katch to your Meerkat stream and #Katch will record and publish your video on YouTube.

The mere fact that people are creating extensions to Meerkat gives it power that Twitter will have to build from the ground up with Periscope. Will they succeed? That’s an article for another time, but for now, this is how Meerkat will stay atop the battle.

The leveraging of its community will be a large wall for Twitter to over come and the more they wait, the harder it will be to tear it down. We should note however, that we don’t believe it will be Meerkat vs Periscope, it’s going to be something more interesting. It’s going to push our development, our curiosity, our interactions into a new arena and that’s what excites us, that’s how we see Meerkat changing the game.

Exciting times indeed!