Cloud Services for Startups That Are Actually Useful | Part One: CloudHQ

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The Same Stupid Lists

We see a lot of top cloud-service lists covering topics from productivity, to customer relationship management (CRM) and data backup, but in actuality, they’re just the same damn list over and over. Not unique, not innovative, just depressing.

Here, let’s do it right now.


  • Trello <– This is a kanban board. All kanban boards are the same.
  • Slack  <– This is communications
  • Evernote <– The only thing on this list that’s actually considered productivity


  • Salesforce <– Are you 10+ employees? Then don’t bother
  • Hubspot <– Want to get sucked into paying $1700/ month?
  • Zoho <– Do you hate yourself?

Data Backup

  • Dropbox <– Who doesn’t know this??
  • Google Drive <– Google literally throws storage at you
  • Box <– Oh yeah, they’re still around

There, just saved you 10 minutes.

So why are we writing what seems to be the same kind of list? We’re not. We’re writing about the kind of services that do all the hard work behind-the-scenes and never bother you. The kind of service that, after using it once, makes you honestly wonder how you ever worked without it.

Today, that service is CloudHQ! Let’s break it down simply.

The Dropbox

We love Dropbox. We have 100GB of space that we use to put all of our client projects into. We sync locally, only the current projects we’re working on, and keep the rest up in Dropbox land. We pay $US10.99/ month in the hopes that Dropbox has our backs if something happens, but what would happen if we lost all that data? What would our recourse be?

The answer is we would be at the mercy of Dropbox.

The Google Drive

Like most of you, Google gave us a bunch of free storage here and there. With GSuite, they gave us even more, but we honestly don’t use it except for Google Docs, so it’s sadly wasted space.. until we found CloudHQ!

CloudHQ automatically backs up Dropbox (we chose what folders) to Google Drive (we choose where in Google Drive). We literally set it up once, and now it just does what it needs to do. It keeps a redundant backup of our Dropbox essentials using the otherwise wasted space of Google drive. Brilliant!

Turns out we can backup a slew of other services we depend on. We’ve got Evernote and Basecamp 3 backed up as well.


$0/ for individuals.

Mic drop.