Believe it or not.. LinkedIn isn’t Facebook

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There’s been a rash of updates as of late, from supporters of a certain U.S politician, finding their way onto LinkedIn. Normally this is far from being an issue, business and politics, after all, go hand-in-hand.

These posts, however, haven’t had the decency to walk the fine line of crass/ clever, and instead are outright racist, sexist and xenophobic. They are, in truth, the kind of content we see from Aunt Judy or Uncle Russell, both of whom care little for the adage ‘A time and a place for everything‘. *no disrespect to anyone named Judy or Russell of course, I’m sure you’re kind and generous people.

Therefore, I need to write this as a respectful reminder that the reason myself, and many others are on LinkedIn, is to conduct business. We’re not here to have random discussions about your subtly veiled hate, nor are we here to accidentally come across barely legible, shitty JPEGs of said subtly veiled hate.

Believe it or not, LinkedIn isn’t Facebook. LinkedIn is about building professional relationships.

Remember this.